High-end vehicles are considered by many to be a celebrated form, and photographing them is an artistic skill in its own right. Whether your business is in selling high-end vehicles, you need one for a particular advertising campaign or you’re simply an individual looking to sell on a former set of wheels, a specialist car photographer will capture it in all its glory.

Only a professional will know how to get the best shots of the car while moving and be able to apply the right motion blur. They’re also adept at giving focus to key features and touching up images to create a stunning representation of the product. And they have all the right kit to do justice to your brand and the grace of the vehicle, using tripods, a quality dSLR and circular polarisers in order to stop reflections.

Partnering with the right professional who is willing to work on location, who understands the dynamics of landscape, and who connects with your brand can bring your product, service and offering to life. In fact, we’ve helped clients shoot some of the world’s most iconic car brands over the years.

Whether you need a high-end vehicle photographer for magazine and calendar shoots, book imagery or advertising campaigns, get in touch with us at Sekhmet today.


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