Looking for a dedicated branding strategy team?

Strong branding is the key to business success. It is this that will help position you in a competitive market and appeal to your target audience. But what do we mean by branding?

In short, we mean everything from researching your core audience to your company’s ethos and how you represent yourself and your products. Whether it’s through your strapline, online and offline content, images you use or business stationery… We’ll even come up with a company style guide you can use for future. It’s a lot of work, but we’ll give you the expert knowledge and tools to make it happen.

Your expert logo design team

A key component of your branding is your logo design and strapline. This humble element can communicate a number of ideas about your business, what it offers and its values to your core customer. Get it wrong and you will find yourself targeting the wrong audience or devaluing what you have to offer.

As experts in logo design, we have the skills to not only produce a quality, bespoke logo that does justice to your business; we also understand the psychology and structure of logo design, including the strategic use of typefaces, colours and text.

Why work with a professional branding and logo designer?

Enlisting the help of the professionals when it comes to your branding strategy and logo design is vital for a handful of reasons.

We’ll create a strong identity that gets you noticed in an instant – it is this that communicates everything you stand for, often without even needing to use words.

It will also help you attract new customers, create a sense of brand loyalty among existing ones, and position you strongly in your marketplace.

So how do we do it? Here’s our four-step approach to working with you:

A strategic approach

All good logo and brand development starts with a closer look at what you offer, what’s already out there, who you want to target and how you set yourself apart. We’ll help you conduct the market research and build a strategy to deliver on your branding goals.

Narrowing down your concepts

What encapsulates your brand and how will you convey it through advertising, your website and more? Our creative heads will help you tease out the best ideas that get your brand across, working with you to ensure your content engages, informs and captivates.

Delivering creative results

Once you’re happy with the concepts, we’ll get started creating the designs that will become the focal point of your brand, from logo and strapline to website design. We’ll go through numerous redraftings, refining the design until you’re happy.

Going forward

We’ll help you retain a strong core audience who are loyal by designing a style guide you can apply every time you launch a new product, communicate with your customers or design a new ad campaign. It will streamline your work and bolster your brand credibility.


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