Quick and easy to update

USB menus are a versatile option for those who update their menu items often, whether you’re an independent or national takeaway, restaurant, café or street food vendor. Not only is this a more efficient means of display for your menu items, allowing you to tweak dishes, ingredients, allergy information and pricing in an instant, it also enables you to reduce your overheads by cutting out printing costs.

Digital menus see greater success

Beyond that, digital menus have been proven to improve sales by between 50% and 75% and can seriously help generate a more positive perception of your brand. That’s because digital menus are more engaging and they are likely to be more up to date, which means new or out of stock dishes can be added and removed as needed, so there’s no need to disappoint customers. Plus, you can react to the latest food trends without waiting to roll out a new menu launch.
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