Posters are versatile, effective and affordable marketing tools that get your brand, products, services or event noticed. But that’s not all…

The benefits of poster advertising

Whether you opt for smaller formats, ideal for events and in-store advertising, or larger-scale street-level formats, such as in town centre displays and bus shelters, posters provide long-term exposure that disposable print can’t match.

Posters can be displayed as long as you need, and advertising space can be rented for weeks, sometimes months. Even better, your poster could stay visible for longer, without you having to pay a penny more, generating a huge return on investment.

Creating an impact with posters

Eye-catching images, colour palettes, statements and questions are great ways to make an impact, but posters can also be utilised to unveil a launch or relaunch of your brand, showcasing your services in a new light, whether that’s through modern and thought-provoking or elegant and timeless design.

You may only have a few seconds to catch your audience’s eye, so it pays to work with a graphic design team who can understand your aims, customise your design in line with your brand, and ensure your poster achieves success.

Quality materials make the most of your poster advertising

When designing your posters, you need to consider the demographics of those passing in your chosen area and who you want to target. Making best use of your posters means choosing the right location and poster positioning, as well as the best materials to help your message stand out.

At Sekhmet, we use quality, durable poster-weight paper, as well as silk and PVC to create attractive posters that stand the test of time. For 24/7 visibility in dark locations or to target passing night-time traffic, we also offer backlit solutions. Get in touch to find out more.


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