Bespoke wallpaper murals on feature walls are a great way to inject personality into your space, whether it’s a restaurant, takeaway, café, creative area or office. Murals can also bring life to otherwise empty entrance ways and hallways. With the help of our dedicated design team at Sekhmet, your wall mural can become an effective branding tool as well as an easy way to update your interior décor.


Whether you’re a public-access space or you operate from private offices, wall murals can help to define your brand in the minds of your customers, clients, visitors and staff.

If you have a strong social responsibility policy, why not feature photographs of those you’ve helped? If you are passionate about the environment, you might choose to opt for a calming and refreshing rainforest backdrop that reminds you of your values.

Or perhaps you want to convey your company motto? Quotes and inspirational sayings in eye-catching fonts make great wall murals, especially if you’re looking to motivate staff.


A design team can also help you come up with your own custom design that best suits your USPs, atmosphere and environment. This is a great option for eateries who want to set a certain tone.

Perhaps you serve classical dishes? A rustic, scroll-style design will help keep the balance. More off-beat? Wear your quirky side on your walls with a medley of colours, patterns and shapes that showcases your uniqueness. Anything’s possible with our full-colour graphics and cutting-edge printing technology.

When you work with Sekhmet, you’ll get to check and request amends on all proofs before the design is finalised. Installation is also included to instantly transform your space quickly, easily and without damaging your walls. Find out more today.


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